Black Beaches and Blue Fingers: Literally freezing in Iceland

Iceland is, as the name implies, a bloody cold country. Nestled in the North Atlantic, what better time of year to decide to explore her icy shores thaaaaan…? The middle of winter!

Christmas 2017 was spent driving around Iceland’s awesome Ring Road and, despite the freezing, freezing temperatures, it was an incredible journey. We were able to frolick around in the raw wilderness of Iceland without seeing another soul for miles and, as the sun had already fully sunk into the horizon by 1600 every day, bitterly cold evenings were spent blissfully cosied up in empty B&B’s binge-watching Game of Thrones (yes, I was a full 6 years late to the GOT game). Finally – an adventure holiday where you actually return home more relaxed than when you left. By day, we drove miles and miles, stopping to feed beautiful Icelandic horses big, juicy apples, listen to the ethereal groan of glaciers, and freeze our extremities off trekking around the volcanic beaches with their black, imposing sands. Here I am atย Reynisfjaraย Beach, literally freezing my bum off and loving every second of it.



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