Gemma Fottles. Freelance writer. British born, now bound by infatuation to Amsterdam.

Moving to the Netherlands in 2013, I truly did not anticipate that I’d be writing this from my Jordaan studio 5 years later. Amsterdam was love at first sight, but after years of scrambling to travel at every opportunity, I was sure that the travel bug had got me. I was destined to live a romantic, nomadic lifestyle roaming the world without a care in the world.

My 22-year-old self believed that the only kind of travel you should be doing is that of the e-x-t-e-n-s-i-v-e kind. Multiple-month backpacking endurance tests. Life changing adventures. The reality is that a nomadic life is well… not reality. Life in all its responsible, adult forms kind of catches up with you at some point and, at least for me, it became easier to appreciate a more grounded life in the beautiful Dutch capital.

But that doesn’t mean I fell out of love with travel. I just changed the way I thought about travel. I realised that whether its a weekend in the Tuscan hills, a month-long road trip around New Zealand, or a few days lazing on Mediterranean sands – seeing the world is awesome. Besides, a grounded life often brings a steady income, and it’s a hell of a lot easier to travel once you actually have some money in the bank.

The thing that has been putting money in my bank in my grown-up life is a pretty crazy job. As Editor of the SuperYacht Times (I know. I don’t even know.), I’ve not only managed to indulge in an enviable amount of travels of all different sorts, but I’ve also explored the world with my job. It’s been a very strange dream come true. Okay, yachts were never the dream, but frolicking all over the globe running a newspaper definitely was. Besides, working for a superyacht media publication has also offered me the change to cruise on these mind-bogglingly luxurious toys of the world’s elite. Wild. It’s literally wild.

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But, I don’t do that anymore. Well, kind of. I stepped down as Editor this summer to pursue what I’ve always really wanted to do: write for myself. Whether that’s cool projects in the yachting industry that could do with a self-proclaimed wordsmith, or writing about meaningful travel experiences all over the world. But most of all, just being my own boss in the wake of this #metoo #girlboss #grlpwr time we’re experiencing.

Getting back into writing for passion is proving to be a lot more difficult than anticipated. So I decided to kick-start this blog. Needless to say, it has been neglected over the years. It’s true that writing for a job can slowly suck the fun out of a passion. So this blog is nothing more and nothing less than a way to fall back into what I love doing: writing about travelling the world and – hopefully – inspiring a few people to go out and taste all the world has to offer along the way.

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  1. Malcolm Wood

    Hi Gemma, hope you have a great time over the holiday period. Hang in there, I also worked for myself for the last xx years and have never regretted it. Have fun, live for the day and look after number one xx Malcolm W

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