Mooching in Munich’s metro

Germany really is a great place to travel. But… at times it can also be a bit dreary, lacking and, well, German. On a 48-hour weekend trip to Munich in the depths of winter (it was snowing and everything. Why!?), we found a bit of that dreariness, a bit of that something lacking, and a lot of German. But regardless of the negative vibes implied by those statements, Munich was theย perfectย city for a flying weekend Eurotrip. Just enough time to see some pretty cool sights and not get overly bored, and plenty of time for sinking stein after stein of Bavarian beer and eating your bodyweight in hearty, hearty, hearty German cuisine.

Definitely not on the dreary side of our weekend away, here I am frolicking around the empty U-Bahn, enjoying being outta the snow and about to embark on the most efficient and easy metro system ev-er. Except maybe Tokyo’s.



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