Lion Taming in Zambia

Taming Lions in Zambia


This picture has been shared by me many, many times since it was taken in Zambia around two years ago. I think it’s obvious why… the lion in question looks like he’s about to pounce on the photographer, whilst I look pretty content to stroke him out of his rage. I look like a lion tamer, and that suits me fine. In reality, however, that’s not really what happened. It’s a fake.

NAHHHT. Despite claims from friends, family and my boyfriend that this picture is in fact a fake, it is not. The explanation behind his angry face is pretty simple… he was mid yawn. Yes, mid yawn. What an anti-climatic reason… but… Yawning. Not an angry lion about to eat his carer in front of him before turning to the silly girl trying to tame him. Either way, I still love this picture, and his placid, yawning attitude only worked to steady my nerves at being this close to the so-called King of the Jungle. Those teeth are scary!


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