Win £150 Wayfair Vouchers with Me!

I am so so so excited to finally launch my first ever giveaway with my blog! I’ve teamed up with the awesome people at Wayfair UK, who amongst their many, many products, sell every luxury item you may need for travel. This is everything from a luggage travel scale by Soehnle to make sure you’re not paying that extra £103570 for extra baggage, to a traveller’s outdoor hammock with built-in mosquito netting from Amazonas (very jealous of the giveaway at this point. I want this!), or maybe a high quality travel flask by Sagaform that won’t let you down half way into your travels.


Making sure you get all of those little things that will make your life so much easier before you go travelling is almost always forgotten about – and in terms of budgeting, this can be a major drawback a week or two before the big trip. Time to eliminate that extra cost! I’m offering a £150 voucher to spend on whatever you want. Whether it be that outdoor hammock which I’ve become pretty obsessed with over the course of writing this post, or if you just fancy treating yourself on something a little bit different.

Wayfair travel giveaway!

All you have to do is enter on the form below. Easy peasy. Check out my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, Tweet about the giveaway or – for extra big points – follow this blog! The only difficult thing about this giveaway will be figuring out what you’re going to buy with your big fat voucher. And all in time for Christmas. Just call me Santa Claus. Follow the link below or head over to my Facebook page!

Wayfair UK


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