Fraser Island – Australia’s must do checklist

Fraser Island by Fottles
Fraser Island, a photo by Fottles on Flickr.

When planning my trip to Australia in summer 2010, the only advice I really had to go on (or at least took the time to listen to) was the advice of my STA travel agent. Somewhat naively, I booked on to everything she recommended as a ‘must- see’ of Australia – specifically down the East Coast, to name a few, this included snorkelling/diving in Cairns, White water rafting, Sailing the Whitsunday Islands and camping on Fraser Island.

Whilst we did have an a-maaaaaaazing two month backpacking experience, some of these typical must-do’s are absolutely overrated. Fraser Island, unfortunately was one of them. After paying hundreds of dollars for a 3 day, 2 night camping trip, I definitely expected more.

We were provided with a big 4×4, one tank of fuel, a big hamper-y type food supply (which wasn’t too fantastically catered to a vegetarian diet – but hey, I was in Australia. I guess it was to be expected…), and a tent. A tent which my friend and I had to share with a very strange Canadian man. This sharing situation wouldn’t have been half as bad if for two reasons. 1) My friend hadn’t have had a bit of an ominous moonlit…er… encounter with him whilst under the influence and 2) There were separate compartments. The combination of these two factors = a very awkward gooseberry scenario. Not pleasant.

The island itself was beautiful and is definitely well worth a visit. It’s a pretty cool experience camping over, too. But for the money you pay to do it… not too sure it’s too worth it.


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