Central America’s Best Bar?

Being in my last year of University, my life is probably about as boring as it ever has been, what with looming deadlines whose outcomes will actually affect my life in some way. So I’ve taken to constantly looking back through my various travel photos, desperately wishing to be on that beach/in that bar/with that person.

On a recent one of these wallowing exercises, I found all of my photographs of a bar I went to in Utila – a Honduran island off the North of the country. I had forgotten just how amazing it was.

If you’ve ever been to Honduras, chances are you probably visited one of the three Caribbean islands that make up Roatรกn, the considerably smaller Guanaja, and of course, Utila. Most people – especially people not on a backpacker budget – tend to visit Roatรกn. It’s the biggest island, the most commercialised, and is well known as a paradisical escape for tourists.

Being on an (almost) disastrously low budget, I opted for the signigficantly cheaper and smaller island of Utila. And in hindsight, I am unbelievably happy that I did.

This is for a number of reasons;1) I was writing an article about doing my PADI open water certificate, and Utila was the cheapest. 2) It’s renowned as a backpackers paradise – which in my opinion, attracts aaaaalllll the best kinds of people… 3) Treetanic.

I had read of Treetanic through my bible of the trip, AKA the Lonely Planet guide to Honduras, and thought it sounded a-mazing. But any description of one of Central America’s most famous bars does it absolutely no justice.

Built up by one – slightly erratic – American man, Treetanic is a bar literally up in the trees. Now, it’s not a treehouse, as I probably very naively imagined it. But it is an open bar area, with surrounding areas to walk and sit and generally have a good time.

Every single wall, piece of floor and general surface is covered with random bits of…. I want to say ‘junk’, because that is what anyone else would describe bottle caps, empty glass bottles and a variety of shiny pieces of rubbish… But it is so much more than that. The owner has created art out of these pieces of junk, and transformed a pretty average looking bar into a crazy, eclectic world different to any other bar I have ever visited.

If you ever go to Honduras, I absolutely recommend Utila and Treetanic. Most people go to the bar in the nighttime, but if you can, have a wonder round in the day. Hey, you might even be lucky enough to meet the owner and his extremely lazy cat. He’s probably exactly what you would expect… a little bit eccentric, definitely crazy and absolutely worth spending time around. A bit like his bar.

This is a photograph of some of the stairs around the bar – for more photos check out my Flickr account!


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