Photo Gallery: On safari in South Africa

My trip to South Africa kicked off in possibly the most cliche way possible: a full-blown safari weekend at a luxury game reserve in the Pilanesberg National Park. I didn’t really know what to expect… I mean, my experience of a safari has been limited to the rather sad English version, whereby a bunch of family cars tootle around a big park in the cold, British weather, with visitors excitedly pointing at listless and lazy animals that have no business being in the UK. This, however, was the real deal. Piling into big ol’ land cruisers with an enthusiastic guide, within 5 minutes we’d spotted our first animals. My iPhone wasn’t really going to do the whole thing much justice, so thankfully, my photographer partner in crime managed to capture some of the highlights.

Check out more wonderful photos from Charl van Rooy here.



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