St Lucia: Sipping wine on a superyacht in the Caribbean

Superyachts, superyachts, superyachts. My life has been saturated with extravagant boats for the past five years and, no matter how much people wish to believe the life of a yachting editor is all Moët and Monaco, the number of times I actually got to go cruise on a boat? Zero. A big, fat zero. 

Until the beginning of this year, that was. AHA! On the cusp of me spreading my wings and leaving to set up my own business as a freelance writer, I finally got a jammy little perk. The jammiest of all jammy perks, really. I got to travel to the Caribbean and spend a few days on board a 50-metre superyacht in St Lucia. 

Superyacht holidays are a pretty special experience and one that I’m very aware that few people get the chance to discover. With the heftiest price tag of all uber-lux travel, it’s no secret why yacht holidays are such exclusive trips. But can you put a price on absolute privacy, ultimate luxury and the freedom to explore the world as you please? Well, with this yacht chartering at an absolutely eye-watering €280,000 per week, I guess you can.  Would I pay that much for the pinnacle of luxury travel? Absolutely not. But, as one would expect, I bloody enjoyed the opportunity to do it for free.

And, you know. My bank account has never seen a five-figure sum gracing my account, let alone six figures. So… ask me again when I’m a millionaire?


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