Alpine Adventures: The Green Side of the White Mountain

The Alps are usually experienced in the depths of winter, covered in thick white snow and ice and overran with overzealous skiers and snowboarders. At least, that’s been my experience of the Alps over the past 15 years or so. As a very non-adrenaline seeking person, it’s a surprise to most – me included – that I cannot get enough of skiing and, after 6 months spent mastering the slopes of Tignes and Val d’Isere, I’m actually pretty good at it. Who would have thought?Β 

Who would have also thought that the Alps were just as awesome in the summer months?! Catching the last of the summer rays in mid-September, my friends and I booked the cutest (and cheeeapest!) log cabin in Les Houches, close to Chamonix, for a long weekend in the mountains. It was glorious. Sun skipping across the highest points of Mont Blanc and the huge mountainsides alive with life, it was easy to forget this would be a winter wonderland in just a couple of months time. And despite once again overshooting the mark when it came to the hiking side of the trip (I thought it would be a ramble across flat mountaintops. SOME SECTIONS WERE LITERALLY VERTICAL ASCENTS. VERTICAL.), it was as close to perfect as short euro-trip can get.Β 


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