My first travel experience: Elephant riding in Thailand


This is a picture taken on my very first backpacking experience. I was 18 years old, and my boyfriend at the time invited me out to Thailand with him. Things didn’t end well between us (as you can read about here!), but the trip was awesome, and opened my eyes to a world of travel that I didn’t know existed before. The elephant ride in itself was a crazy adventure… but in hindsight, I wish I’d thought more about the company we were going with and looked at how the animals were treated. I would hate to have contributed to any kind of mistreatment of the animals, but I was young and naive. I’ll definitely be looking into it next time I do something concerning animals!


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  1. Jenna Govier

    When I first saw the picture, my heart sank as I thought this was going to be a blog about an amazing time riding elephants. Riding elephants causes them a lot of pain as their spines are so close to their skin. It made me so happy to read the last couple of sentences. We can only learn.

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