WARNING! Chinese butcher’s featuring… DOG


This photo is, of course, kind ofย  very disgusting to look at, but then again, most animal carcasses that have been carved up ready for consumption aren’t the most attractive things you can look at! This is – as you can probably tell – is a dog. Everybody knows that in China and some other countries, dogs are not necessarily the cuddly, mans-best-friend household pets like we have in the West. Whilst some people certainly do keep pet dogs, it’s not uncommon to see one hanging in the butcher’s window.

When I saw this for the first time in a Chinese supermarket, I, like most people who click on this picture, recoiled with borderline horror. What?! A dog?!!??! WHO eats dogs?! Within a minute or two, I got over it. Logically, if you’re willing to eat a piggy which is proven to be a highly intelligent mammal, then why would you have a problem with eating a dog? It seems obvious to say, but people eating an animal you wouldn’t necessarily eat at home doesn’t make them barbaric, or weird, or heartless. It’s just a completely different culture! And one of the reasons I would always recommend a visit to China. The culture difference that is, not the dog…


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