REVIEW: The Point Hostel Lima

Welcome to my first hostel review! I dont really know why I’ve never made a point of doing reviews on all of the places I stay on here, but the time is nigh. So, here goes!

After a long, long, LONG time travelling from the UK to Lima, The Point Hostel in the beaaaudiful neighbourhood of Barranco was everything I wanted it to be… maybe more, but not too much more. Like most of our accommodation on this trip, I chose it because it was a) decently priced, and b) has great reviews on Hostelworld, which you can never really go wrong with.

Cleanliness 5.5/10

At first I thought The Point was pretty clean… but it soon transpired that its just scraping by on an okay rating. The bathrooms are used by everyone in the hostel, and as a result, the floors are constantly pretty grimy. Doable, but it didnt make for a pleasant trip barefoot to say the least. It is cleaned regularly, but not to any kind of high standards. Everywhere else, its fine. The dorm we were in for three nights didnt get cleaned, which would have been nice, but seeing as it was just the four of us in the same room, it was fine.

Staff 9.5/10

The staff here are awesome. Super helpful, super friendly, and not in an overbearing, false kind of way. Nice hostel staff always make a big difference to your stay, so to be immediately greeted by a smiley face made the early arrival a bit more bearable. To make it even better, the girl at reception tried her hardest to get us checked in to our room before the usual time of 2 so we werent hanging around all day. Perfecto.

Value 8/10

A four bed dorm worked out at 35 soles each per night, so about 10 euros. The beers were cheap, the food was basic but nice and inexpensive, though Id reccommend just roaming around Barranco if you want some real Peruvian food, as I’m pretty certain chicken nuggets, fries and pizza doesnt frequent the tables of typical Peruvian families… All in all, definitely worth the money! Note: The free breakfast is VERY basic. If you’re European you’re gonna hate the bread. It’s not up to our standards, amigos!

Reccommend? 8/10

Without a doubt – Yes. I’d go there again absolutely. And I think if you’re going to be in Lima for a while, it’s worth staying in this neighbourhood for a more of a colonial, beautiful experience of the city. It’s not the best hostel in the world, but it’s pretty damn good!

From the sounds of it – and by this I mean by the sounds of every other traveller we’ve met in the area – The Point kind of has a reputation as a party hostel. Actually there’s no kind of about it, it definitely does, but it’s not a party hostel in which the reputation should put you off if you’re in Lima and not there just to party all the time. There were quite a few gap year esque backpackers knocking about drinking beer at eight in the morning in the cute little outside area, but nothing like somewhere like Gilligan’s in Australia… ifyou’ve  ever had the pleasure of visiting there. (People who have will know exactly what I mean here).



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