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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about alternative accommodation. By alternative, I don’t necessarily mean swapping the hotel room for an igloo, or a hostel dormitory for a hammock in the trees (though, actually, that sounds amazing – and these are actually available on lots of sites!), but I mean different to the norm. I was more referring to the benefits of organisations such as Couchsurfing and Airbnb, where you get a real, local experience of a destination without the price tag or the hassle, something which makes your experience totally unique and totally different to the same old same old of most places to stay in the tourism industry!

One site I didn’t write about, however, was Love Home Swap, an amazing company that allows you to safely and efficiently ‘swap’ your home with members of the community around the world. Home swapping is already fast becoming the latest travel trend and is attracting more and more people each year and, really, it’s not hard to see why!

There are three easy ways to travel with Love Home Swap, and three real life places available for you to stay:

  1. SWAP – a two way home exchange. Ever seen The Holiday? A British countryside dweller swaps homes with an LA mansion inhabitant aaaaand… that’s all you really need to know. It’s not a great film. They have fun, and love it, basically. But anyway, with Love Home Swap this is actually possible. No money is exchanged, just time. Awesome.

    21ft Luxury Mongolian Yurt private Hot Tub with beautiful lake views

  2. POINTS – point systems are kind of inescapable in the 21st century, and you know why? Because they’re awesome. Points are earned when another member stays in your home whilst you’re away – and you then spend these points to holiday in any of our members’ homes for free!


  3. RENT – like Airbnb, it’s also possible to make money from renting out your place while you’re away. After all, what’s the point in leaving it empty?! Because Love Home Swap is a paid membership service, the risk factor is dramatically reduced (slash, non-existent), taking out the ever-so-slight worry in the back of your mind when using similar but free companies.


Now here comes the exciting part…

I’ve teamed up with Love Home Swap – the world’s largest home exchange club – to offer one of you lovely people the chance to win a year’s free platinum membership on its service. The (very!) lucky winner would be able to home swap their way around the world, staying in luxurious accommodation without paying a penny! And just in time for summer. No more excuses. This is the perfect opportunity to get yourself out there and start exploring!

Better yet? The year long membership up for grabs is the creme de la creme of memberships, entitling each member to a 5 star concierge service and dedicated travel team who will help members find the perfect swap. A concierge service?!?! *High Five*

The competition prize is worth a huge €48 per month, making the total prize value of €576, not to mention all of the incredible trips you’ll be able to take yourself on throughout the year! To enter, just head over to the Rafflecopter generator here! (For some reason I can’t insert it right here on the post. Damn you, WordPress.)

All you have to do is follow the simple entry requirements like, following me on Twitter (which if you don’t already, then shame on you), or tweeting about the competition. It’s all on the link – simple.

For extra points, leave a comment below and share this post! The competition ends two weeks today on the 30th May at 12AM CEST – that’s central European time to all those scratching their heads. I know there’ll be some.

Good luck everyone!

love home swap competition

Just to make doubly sure you got it, the link to the competition page is > > HERE! < <




  1. Sarah Musgrove

    This sounds incredible! I have a question about the renting service – can you just rent from somebody else, without having to swap? (Let’s say, if you had to leave a partner behind in your home while you jetted of 😉 )

    1. gemmafottles

      Jaaaa! You earn points that you an spend on rent, and I think you can also just pay. If you win Muzz, you have to take me somewhere. Let’s go to Paris. A romantic overdue reunion in a beautiful Parisian apartment. Perfect 👌

  2. Emma

    Wow, this is an amazing competition – I’d always imagined home swapping would be really complicated for some reason but it sounds so simple 🙂

    Fingers crossed for the competition, it’d be amazing to try the local residents’ favourite foods!

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