Fleeting Goodbyes

The worst thing about travelling is not the 20kg rucksack strapped to your back. It’s not that one (or, in my case, several) time that you forget to do something pretty essential to the functionality of your trip and you end up stranded without a tent on a campsite on an island in Italy. And it’s not the inevitable drainage of your bank account. The worst thing about travelling is the goodbyes.

After my big 4 month RTW trip, I was back in the UK for 1 whole week before boarding my 18 hour coach to start a ski season in France for five months. This meant attempting to squeeze in everybody in my life into a very short period of time.

This meant fleeting reunions and subsequently fleeting goodbyes. I loved the reunions – loved them wholeheartedly. I went back to Birmingham and was reunited with my University life and my wonderful friends. But knowing that this was not only a “HI GUYZ” but also a “cyaaaa in 5 months” filled me with a sadness that kind of plagued my entire stay. I just truly detest the goodbyes.

Maybe the reason I hate goodbyes so much is due to my addiction to the cinema. I’ve seen one too many dramatised goodbyes that replay in my head every time I have to bid adieu to someone. It makes me sad. Obviously I get over this pretty quickly… Goodbyes are generally followed by something exciting. A RTW trip. A ski season. But it doesn’t help my cinematic idealisations of farewells.

The worst is always the last – the goodbye to end all goodbyes and send you on your way. My last ski season goodbye was with my two best friends in London. I actively dislike being without them for so long and tears were actually shed – of course solely by me.

But really, what can be done about it? Well, stop travelling is the most obvious solution, but kind of impossible for me right now. I’m addicted. Travelling the world massively outweighs a half hour of sadness and a few “I-MISS-YOU-ALL-AND-WISH-YOU-WERE-HERE!!??!!” moments every few months. But it goes to show that even the much envied life of the addicted traveller has its cons.

Unless my friends and fam fancy packing up their lives and joining me anytime soon, I guess goodbyes are just the necessary pinch of salt that goes with an overwhelmingly sweet lifestyle.




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