Budapest: Sun, Spas and Stolen Laptops

So it’s day 4 of 124. Having a beaaaaaauts time in Budapest so far, the atmosphere is niiiiiice in the Hostel i’m staying in, the weather is incredible and the city is fantastic.

However. My laptop got stolen on the first night of me being here. Generally I haven’t ever really taken anything of value away with me when travelling. My ipod has probably been the most expensive thing to accompany me to various places around the world so far – and i’m pretty careless with it most of the time. But seeing as I am doing a job as opposed to what is effectively a holiday, I actually took the time to lock the bloody thing away. Safely locked in my locker. Alas, no. I have lost it to the thieves.

This has obviously been a massive hassle. But a lot of good things have come out of this annoying inconvenience. The first was that waiting around for the police meant that I ended up staying in the hostel and then going out to one of Hungary’s famous Ruin bars, Szimpla. 5 beers later and the laptop was forgotten. 12 hours later and the hangover struck. Hard.

But this then led to a day spent in Gellért Thermal Baths – another one of Budapest’s most famous attractions. Lonely planet promised healing qualities, something in which I was in dire need of… while I did feel substantially more human after a couple of hours in the cathedral esque baths, I’m still not completely sold. But either way, it was much better than average way to spend a day.

The third and final good experience to come out of other people’s naughtiness happened today. I had to wait around for a guy from the hostel to come with me to the police station to pick up the police report – (I don’t speak Hungarian. Which doesn’t go well with sorting out important police type things…) anyway, I didn’t leave until 11. Half the day nearly wasted. Buuuuuuuut then Balazs comes out with two bikes. I’ve been too scared just to rent a bike and ride through the city by myself, but here I was with a personal tour guide. Wonderful. After the police station fiasco, Balazs showed me his studio, and a side to Budapest that most tourists don’t get to see: the real Budapest, the Hungary of the Magyars. Then we cycled around City Park, with Balazs telling me some history and all that good stuff.

So even though the theft of my laptop isn’t a great start to the journey, a handful of experiences I may not have got have come out of it. Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say.




  1. Stacey

    Gutted you had a baaaad start to the trip but sounds like you more than made up for it in the end! Loving the blog 🙂

  2. Martin

    Gemma, I loved to read your story. Glad to see that you are able to send updates although you lost your laptop (to the thieves). 🙂 I am a little upset going totally unmentioned… 😉 But have to agree to Gazlar, paying the price of a lost laptop for 124 days of travelling is not the worst fate.

    Greetings from Rijeka
    Martin and Franz (who is not upset being not mentioned)

    Awesome video, we both liked it!

    1. gemmafottles

      Hahahaha heyyyyy man, thanks a lot 🙂 Just to make it up to you, my next Budapest highlights post will indeed involve my two favorite Germans. And you two. Pictures and everything. Hope you’re both okay!

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