Around the world in 129 days

My social media has been completely and utterly clogged up with the SPAR international travel reporting competition for about the last two months. My friends have undoubtedly become sick of the sight of my tweets, statuses (stati?), comments and blog posts begging, pleading and goading people to WATCH ME! TWEET ME! LIKE ME! SHARE ME! ย LOVE ME! But the end is nigh! It all paid off and I only went and bloodyย wonย didn’t I?!

So this means that for now, boring vote for me posts are a thing of the past. Hurrah! Instead, my blog, twitter, youtube and facebook will be full of amazing travel stories from all over the world. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

Starting on the 30th July in Ireland and finishing on the 5th December in South Africa, I will be reporting on various things SPAR deem report-worthy. I will be using a blogging platform created by SPAR for the competition, but will be using this blog as well. When I come back, I should be starting a 5 month ski season in Val D’isere. So follow me. I will be exciting for at least the next year.


Hungary – 30th July -5th August

Slovenia – 6th August – 15th August

Italy – 16th August – 25th August

Ireland – 26th August – 4th September

Denmark – 5th September – 11th September

Norway – 12th September – 21st September

Russia: 22nd September – 1st October

Mongolia: 2nd October – 4th October

China: 5th October – 20th October

Australia: 21st October – 7th November

Zambia: 8th November – 15th November

South Africa: 16th November – 3rd December


Friends, family or anybody interesting who doesn’t want to murder me – feel free to get in touch if you’re in any of these countries at the same time! Not sure about which part of each country I’ll be based in yet, but should know in the next week or so. HOW EXCITING.



  1. pommepal

    I’m so pleased for you. You deserve the prize you worked hard for it. You are an inspirational case of daring to dream…
    I look forward to following you around the world.

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