Arrival in Amsterdam for the Job of a Lifetime…

After three trains, one tram, one shuttle and an aeroplane, I am in Amsterdam. I did it. I got to the final of the See the World with Spar competition. And I am hereeeeeeeeee, bitchez.

Over the weekend I will be creating a media report about Dutch culture under the theme of ‘Where people make the difference’… I’ve got a few interviews planned that will hopefully all go to plan, and I have one hell of a busy day tomorrow which will hopefully give me everything I need to create some kind of mildly entertaining content that may or may not secure me my dream job: travel reporting for 4 months all around the world – 4 different continents and many different countries. Boom.

I would appreciate any support at all in this – whether it be as simple as leaving a comment on my blog posts, to tweeting and sharing my efforts of facebook and twitter. If you have any ideas of where people make a difference in Dutch culture, then get in touch! I’m focusing my report (again, if all goes to plan) on nature and the environment. Which will not be as geeky or boring as it probably sounds. I promise.

Big thanks to everyone who helped to get me here for the first  round, plastering my stupid little face all over the social media world. Although that video makes me cringe my head off, love, love, love. The weekend is already off to a good start as I found out that I will be  graduating for the University of Birmingham with 1st class honours. Oh. Yes.

Present from Spar. Holland shoes. Yaay.



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