The Desperate Pleas of a Recent Graduand…

My last ever exam was completed last Tuesday, which concluded my 15 year stint in the British education system. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Although I am currently experiencing the b-e-a-udiful feeling of having literally nothing to do, the creeping sense of panic is slowly but surely making its way to disrupt my present stress free state. I do not have a job. I do not have any money. And, most importantly, I took a degree in reading books. Not maths books. Not science books. Or books about how to actually do anything. But story books. Thus come the 1st July, I may find myself in a less than desirable situation.

Unless I win this bloody competition. It’s been clogging up my twitter and facebook for the best part of a month, and the final day that anyone can help me out is HERE?!

The competition is a four month all expenses paid trip around the world, funded by Spar. In return for this little gift, I have to report for them – blogging, uploading videos and photos and all that good stuff. With a melodramatic BURNING desire to make it as a travel writer, this would be absolutely perfect for me.

Want to help? Of course you do. Go on and vote for me. It’s really simple, just three clicks and you can give me poiiinnntttsss yaaaaaay.

Or go on this link to like and comment on the video on YouTube – thank you thank you!


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