The end of summer is nigh.

After an amazing and utterly unexpected few days of g-l-o-r-i-o-u-s sunshine and very warm weather at the end of September/beginning of October, I think it’s safe to announce that the end of summer is finally here. I discovered this this morning, after overestimating just how long the nice weather would last as I pulled on a pretty short pair of shorts. Short shorts, some might say. As I shivered my way to, around, and back from Uni, it was definitely time to admit defeat. ย Bring on the tights.

As I considered this earlier I was suddenly hit with a strange pang of alarm at just what this meant for the vaguely passable tan I have acquired over this summer. It’s sadly, slowly but surely disappearing. I’m not normally one for sun worshipping and don’t really rate the tangerine dream look, but dammit, I’m used to sunkissed skin now and I want to keep it! It’s almost like proof that I’ve been away and doing something with my life other than sitting in a library reading book after book after book of theory and criticism of things that, quite frankly, don’t really matter all that much to me.

This kind of attitude though, is a little bit unhealthy. Why do I need to look tanned? Why did I feel pressured into spending time laying in the sun whilst I was away? Because I felt that I had to proveย that I’ve been away. I think I’m going to try and write some kind of coherent, vaguely intelligent sounding article about this for RedBrick. I shall be back with more… at a later date.

So anyway I feel really, really bad about the lack of posts I have written lately on this. After Zante I ventured off to Bestival, and after Bestival (and at least 3 days of recovery time) I headed back to Brum to move into my new house and start my third and final year of University. Needless to say then, I have been very busy.

However. With my first RedBrick meeting last Friday and still nothing written for either this or the paper, I feel now is the time to pick up where I left off. Starting with this relatively shoddy and rambley post and the imminent suntan article. The pressure of my final year in education probably EVER (!?!?!?!) is looming like a gigantic, scary looking cloud on the not-too-distant horizon and although not really looking to jump head first into the big scary realย world, I need to at least have a little paddle.



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