My wonderful friend Sarah Musgrove decided to interview me for her blog – nawh!

Sarah Musgrove

This is a little interview I conducted with my good friend from university, Gemma Fottles.  She, like myself, has only just graduated, and had already landed a gig as a travel journalist and cross-media reporter for SPAR UK.  I asked to ‘interview’ her due to, firstly, her being a success story for any Arts graduate who is sick to the back teeth of reading about job-less-ness.  She is a glimmer of hope for any wannabe journalist, with an admirable, tenacious work ethic and a snappy writing style.  Now, isn’t that just lovely?  Read on for an informal but very inspiring insight into trying to make it as a travel journalist.

So – tell me a little bit about yourself!

Hahaha, this is so funny.  My name is Gemma Fottles, I’m 21 and graduated from English Literature and Media studies at the University of Birmingham last month.  I like tea, travel…

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